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A chapter is a story in Ecce Romani. There are 54 chapters in the whole series.

Chapter ListEdit

  1. Two Roman Girls
  2. A Happy Outing (also known as A Summer Afternoon)
  3. In The Garden (introduces Davus, Sextus and Marcus)
  4. Show-off! (also known as A Mischief-Maker)
  5. At A Loose End (also known as Early In The Day)
  6. Marcus to the Rescue
  7. Bad News (start of main story; introduction of Cornelius; also known as News from Rome)
  8. Goodbye (departure of Flavia)
  9. An Early Rise (introduction of Aurelia; also known as Getting Up Early)
  10. Departure (last story with the Cornelii in the villa)
  11. A Slave Runs Away (introduction of Geta; does not feature the Cornelii)
  12. Capture (last story featuring the villa; departure of Geta and Davus; does not feature the Cornelii)
  13. Disaster (start of ditch storyline)
  14. Who is to Blame? (Introduction of Imperfect Tense)
  15. Why is Sextus a Pest? (not in some editions)
  16. Do we stay at an Inn? (start of Inn storyline; end of Meeting the Family)
  17. Arrival at the Inn (introduction of Apollodore; start of Rome At Last)
  18. Settling In
  19. Chance Encounter
  20. Murder (Murder plot line; introduction of Perfect Tense)
  21. A Restless Night
  22. From the Inn to Rome (end of Inn, Ditch storylines, departure of Apollodore, arrival at Rome)
  23. At the Porta Capena (introduction of Titus and the Future Tense
  24. Always Tomorrow (Pluperfect Tense)
  25. First Morning In Rome (introduction of Noun Group 4 and 5)
  26. A Grim Lesson
  27. A Visit to the Races (Visit to the Chariot Race; end of Rome At Last)
  28. Preparing to go Shopping (Start of Home and School)
  29. Going to the Market
  30. Fire!
  31. Pseudolus
  32. Dinner Preparations
  33. At Dinner
  34. The Commissiato
  35. Crime
  36. A Letter
  37. Off to School
  38. The Lessons Begin
  39. A Lesson for Sextus
  40. To Father From Sextus
  41. Dramatic News
  42. A Slave to the Rescue
  43. At The Baths
  44. Stop, Thief!
  45. Pyramus and Thisbe
  46. A Rainy Day
  47. Looking Forward To The Games
  48. A Day at the Colosseum
  49. Androcles and the Lion
  50. Nothing Ever Haappens
  51. Marcus Comes Of Age
  52. Papirius Praetextatus
  53. Cornelia's Wedding
  54. A Sad Occasion

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