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It is not yet light but Aurelia, the mother of Marcus and Cornelia, is already occupied in the villa. She is irritated because she sees the slaves sitting. "Come on tiresome slaves" she says, "Why do you do nothing? Why do you sit there? Why are you not working hard? It is necessary to prepare everything immediately because today we return to Rome" The slaves are already working hard. Then she prepares to rouse the children. Therefore, she enters the bedroom of Marcus. She shouts, " Come on Marcus. It is time to get up. We prepare to go back to the city." Marcus hears his mother but doesn't respond. Next, Aurelia enters the bedroom of Sextus. She shouts, " Come on Sextus, it is time to get up." Immediately Sextus gets up. He quickly puts on his tunic and in a short time he runs into the villa of the courtyard. Again Aurelia enters the bedroom of Marcus. Again she shouts, "Come on Marcus, we are already working hard. Why do you alone not get up?" Marcus moans. "I am not getting up", he says, "because i don't want to return to Rome. Why is it necessary for me also to return to the city? The Emperor recalls my father to the city. He wants to consult father. He does not want tro consult Marcus." Suddenly Gaius, the father of Marcus, enters and shouts "But i want to consult Marcus! Why, Marcus, do you annoy me today? Why do you not get up? Why do you not yet put on your tunic, tiresome boy?" Marcus does not respond but immediately gets up because he is afraid of his father.

Ecce Romani 1 chapter 8. Your welcome!

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